Trophy of the Day

Gemsbuck / Gemsbok

The Gemsbuck is a large antelope of striking appearance and is part of the Oryx genus. Gemsbuck are found in the dry regions of Southern Africa. The current population of Gemsbuck in South Africa is estimated at 373,000. Gemsbuck are able to survive in very harsh conditions as the result of an intricate network of blood vessels situated in the nose. These blood vessels cool down the blood supplied to the brain and protects the Gemsbuck from the deadly temperatures of the Kalahari. Because of this high body temperature Gemsbuck needs to perspire less and therefore preserve water for longer.

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Game Capture and Breeding

The most essential part of a successful hunting or game farm is the amount of game available to hunt or to view.  Numbers alone however won’t result in a success.  The game has to be well bred with good genes and be able to withstand the conditions where they are kept.

Equally as important is a proper game fence.  There is no sense in buying that prised bull or ram just to realise the next morning it has relocated itself to the neighbour’s farm as a result of an inadequate fence.

Therefore SA Hunt and Game aims to provide a link for farmers for Game Capture and Breeding. This will not only benefit the farm owner but the hunter or tourist as well.

Below is a list of Game Capturers and Breeding Farms.  For more information please visit the website or click on the name for the SA Hunt and Game website.