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Gemsbuck / Gemsbok

The Gemsbuck is a large antelope of striking appearance and is part of the Oryx genus. Gemsbuck are found in the dry regions of Southern Africa. The current population of Gemsbuck in South Africa is estimated at 373,000. Gemsbuck are able to survive in very harsh conditions as the result of an intricate network of blood vessels situated in the nose. These blood vessels cool down the blood supplied to the brain and protects the Gemsbuck from the deadly temperatures of the Kalahari. Because of this high body temperature Gemsbuck needs to perspire less and therefore preserve water for longer.

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Firearms & Gunsmiths

You can’t go to war without a weapon.

This saying is also appropriate for each and every hunter.  The best planned hunting trip will result in big failure without the proper equipment.

In the modern day and age there is a wide variety of firearms and hunting equipment available to hunters.  How much of these aids you decide to use is more times than not decided by the size of your wallet. Some of the equipment can be considered necessities, where others can be considered luxuries.

Gun Politics in South Africa

In South Africa, owning a gun is conditional on a competency test and several other factors, including background checking of the applicant, inspection of an owner’s premises, and licensing of the weapon by the police introduced in July 2004.  This was however a contentious issue among hunters.  Since 2004 it is evident that the police could not cope with all the admin relating to these applications under the new law.

At a stage the waiting period for a new firearm license was around 2 years.  This has however decreased dramatically during the last year.  A successful application should take around 6 months.

In South Africa there 7 different types of licenses

  1. Licence to possess firearm for self-defence
  2. Licence to possess restricted firearm for self-defense
  3. Licence to possess firearm for occasional hunting and sports-shooting
  4. Licence to possess firearm for dedicated hunting and dedicated sports-shooting
  5. Licence to possess firearm in private collection
  6. Licence to possess firearm, and permit to possess ammunition, in public collection
  7. Licence to possess firearm for business purposes

For a list of downloadable application forms please visit our downloads page.

Civilians are  not to own certain types of weapons namely:

  1. Any fully automatic firearm
  2. any gun, cannon, recoilless gun, mortar, light mortar or launcher manufactured to fire a rocket, grenade, self-propelled grenade, bomb or explosive device
  3. any frame, body or barrel of such a fully automatic firearm, gun, cannon, recoilless gun, mortar, light mortar or launcher
  4. any projectile or rocket manufactured to be discharged from a cannon,recoilless gun or mortar, or rocket launcher
  5. any firearm—
    • the mechanism of which has been altered so as to enable the discharging of more than one shot with a single depression of the trigger
  6. the calibre of which has been altered without the written permission of the Registrar;
  7. the barrel length of which has been altered without the written permission of the Registrar

Below is a list of Firearms retailers and Gunsmiths.  For more information please visit the website or click on the name for the SA Hunt and Game website.


Company Name
Contact Person
Telephone Number
Cellphone Number
Fax Number
E-Mail Address
Strand GunsWestern CapeSomerset West / StrandValdor Uren(021) 852-3136072 629 4663(021) 852-3136strandguns@gmail.comNo Gunsmith AvailableNo Website Available
VGK FirearmsWestern CapeParowCobus Janse van Rensburg(021) 939-2391083 321 2626(021) Gunsmith AvailableNo Website Available