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Common Springbuck

Springbuck / Springbok

The Springbuck is brown and white antelope-gazelle found in the South Western parts of Africa. Before the 1994 democratic elections in South Africa it was one of their national emblems. The South African rugby team still uses it as part of their emblem and are still recognised all over the world as the Springboks. The marsupialis epiphet derives its name from the pocket like skin flap that runs along the middle of its back from the tail onwards. Male animals trying to show their strength or to attract mates will go on a stiff-legged trot, while jumping in the air with and arched back and lifting the flap along its back. This ritual is known as stotting or pronking in the Afrikaans language.

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SA Hunt and Game Shop now Online. In our strive to meet our customer needs SA Hunt and Game has decided to open our own online shop. This forms part of our vision to be the one stop shop for hunters and tourists.  Visitors can now buy some of their favorite hunting, shooting and wild […]

2013 Gallery

2013 Gallery Please share your photos of the 2013 hunting season   Please send photo’s to  

Peach Chicken

Peach Chicken Ingredients 4 x Chicken Breasts 1 x Onion 20 x Dried Peaches 1 x Packet Brown Onion Soup (45g) 4 x Teaspoons Sugar 200ml Peach Juice Olive Oil Salt Method Pre Heat the oven to 180 degrees. Chop the onion. Add chopped onion, sugar and olive oil to a pan. Fry the onions […]