Trophy of the Day

Gemsbuck / Gemsbok

The Gemsbuck is a large antelope of striking appearance and is part of the Oryx genus. Gemsbuck are found in the dry regions of Southern Africa. The current population of Gemsbuck in South Africa is estimated at 373,000. Gemsbuck are able to survive in very harsh conditions as the result of an intricate network of blood vessels situated in the nose. These blood vessels cool down the blood supplied to the brain and protects the Gemsbuck from the deadly temperatures of the Kalahari. Because of this high body temperature Gemsbuck needs to perspire less and therefore preserve water for longer.

postheadericon Remove the Old Finish

How To : Remove the Old Finish 

After many years of good service your trusty rifle often looks worst for wear. It is however not necessary to discard the old rifle stock.  Follow along as we provide you with all the information to refinish your most prized possession.

Before starting to redo the finish we have to prepare the gunstock.  Preparing the gunstock is one of the most important steps in refinishing it.

The first step in this preparation process is to remove the old finish.  This can range from an oil finish to a lacquer finish.

The trick is to remove the entire old finish without damaging or removing to much of the wood.

Materials Required

Paint Stripper (Available at your local Hardware store)

Rubber Gloves

Paint Scraper

Hard Nylon Brush

Mr Muscle / ZEB Oven Cleaner

Warm Soapy Water


Apply the paint stripper as per the manufacturer’s instructions.  Be sure to where the rubber gloves at all times while working with the pain stripper as the chemicals may be harmful to your skin.

Allow the old paint to sufficiently bubble up and loosen.  Once the paint has sufficiently loosened use the paint scraper to remove the softened old finish.  Re-apply the paint stripper until the old finish has been completely removed.

Some gunstocks may have an oil finish.  The paint stripper will not sufficiently remove this finish.  To remove the old finish, apply the Mr Muscle / ZEB oven cleaner as per the manufacturer’s instructions.  If it is not possible to obtain one of these to degreasers use any other suitable degreaser.

After the allow degreasing time use the hard nylon brush to thoroughly brush down the gunstock to remove all the grease and oil residue.

To complete the process wash and scrub the gunstock with the warm soap water and leave to dry for 1 to 2 days.

Once the stock is completely dry it should have a lighter colour than before the process of removing the finish started.