Trophy of the Day

Gemsbuck / Gemsbok

The Gemsbuck is a large antelope of striking appearance and is part of the Oryx genus. Gemsbuck are found in the dry regions of Southern Africa. The current population of Gemsbuck in South Africa is estimated at 373,000. Gemsbuck are able to survive in very harsh conditions as the result of an intricate network of blood vessels situated in the nose. These blood vessels cool down the blood supplied to the brain and protects the Gemsbuck from the deadly temperatures of the Kalahari. Because of this high body temperature Gemsbuck needs to perspire less and therefore preserve water for longer.

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How To

How to Series

Have you ever though I want to do that myself but then you remember I have no idea how. If that is you then we have the answers to you questions.

In these how to series we at SA Hunt and Game will aim to provide hunters and gun owners with help full information on firearm maintenance and repairs as well as some other useful tips and tricks.

After a few years of excellent service the trusty old rifle often looks worst for wear.  Due to the circumstances in which hunting takes place this is often an unavoidable.  All however is not lost. With the proper tender loving care your trusty rifle will look as good as new in no time at all.  Follow along as we provide a range of useful articles on how to solve these problems.

After you have given your rifle a new lease we have some other projects to improve and expand your range of hunting tools to increase your chance of successfully bagging that dream trophy.

As firearms are dangerous and meticulous items it is recommended that all work relating to the firing mechanism and the trigger of the firearm be done be a licensed gunsmith to avoid serious injury as well as to maintain an optimal functioning firearm.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.