Trophy of the Day

Gemsbuck / Gemsbok

The Gemsbuck is a large antelope of striking appearance and is part of the Oryx genus. Gemsbuck are found in the dry regions of Southern Africa. The current population of Gemsbuck in South Africa is estimated at 373,000. Gemsbuck are able to survive in very harsh conditions as the result of an intricate network of blood vessels situated in the nose. These blood vessels cool down the blood supplied to the brain and protects the Gemsbuck from the deadly temperatures of the Kalahari. Because of this high body temperature Gemsbuck needs to perspire less and therefore preserve water for longer.

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SA Hunt and Game Shop now Online.

In our strive to meet our customer needs SA Hunt and Game has decided to open our own online shop.

This forms part of our vision to be the one stop shop for hunters and tourists.  Visitors can now buy some of their favorite hunting, shooting and wild life related items while searching for the ideal venue to enjoy South Africa‘s rich wild life heritage.

Our shopping categories include :

  • Air Rifles
  • Optics
  • Reloading Components
  • Self Defense

The SA Hunt and Game offers a secure environment for all online shoppers.  Once orders are placed, invoices will only issued upon confirmation of stock.  Customers then pay invoices via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).  Upon receipt of funds the items are sent to customers.

We will not share customer information with any person or company to safeguard our customers from potential spam e-mails and respect their privacy.

We strive for complete customer satisfaction and an enjoyable shopping experience.  If customers have any suggestions how we can further improve our shopping experience please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please enjoy your experience and visit us again soon.